You Are Why I Do What I Do

How you’ve helped Audie Rose by Autumn become a reality



I am thrilled that everyone who has sat with Autumn of Audie Rose, knows they are getting a wholesome and in depth reading experience worthy of Royalty.

                                – Autumn Bose

CEO of Audie Rose by Autumn

Before I created Audie Rose by Autumn, I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to take Audie Rose as a company.

Then one day, Spirit whispered in my ears the direction I should  go. I wanted to make a space where people could find me when they needed a psychic entertainer for their upcoming birthday party, their private or corporate celebration or on their “experience” while on vacation here in Virginia Beach.

I was concerned about how people would find me. I didn’t know if I should rely on other platforms to bring in clients or if this would be enough.

But then…

Spirit showed me that they would only send me the best and that it would always be right on time! 

And I’m so glad you found me!

I decided to create the most authentic tarot reading experience for the modern psychic enthusiast or party planner in the Hampton Roads area and beyond.

It turns out, I had to reimagine EVERYTHING!

I had to start from scratch. New name. New color. New beginning.


I gave myself a reading. Listened to my highest vibration. Reassessed my mission…

“to encourage and motivate others to greatness through a tarot and oracle card experience.”   

… and invested in myself. I recognized my strengths and I remembered what I learned.

By the way…

I am also on websites like thebash.com and facebook as a psychic reader and artist, to help promote my talents. 

Through it all, I created this site and the response has been really positive.