New Moon Dreams!!!

My New Moon dream is to be a profitable author!!
It's that time once again where we all have the opportunity to dream big, set some things into motion, and get some stuff right.April 11th is the day and Aries is the season.Rest. Relaxation. Planning. Manifestation. 
I said......

Finding Peace through Miracles

I've honestly been trying to follow and listen to what Spirit has been asking me to do.I try to take the time every day to pull out my cards and talk to Mother and Father God. I ask to see if I'm on the right track. I ask to see further into situations that seem so beyond me. I ask to see what I can...

Winter Solstice

What should we do about the Winter Solstice this year?
4 things to do for the Winter Solstice
Set your intentions for the upcoming next year!!Write and draw out 10 things you want to accomplish for the next year. Whether that's getting your credit together or your health or ...