Dear Audie

Our New Start – Using Feng Shui

I'm so happy with how it came together!!!

Spending Our Anniversary in Pittsburgh

This is my husband and best friend, Ken. He goes by Knate (the K is silent)

He’s the best!!!

For those that don’t know, me and Ken met 14 years ago on Myspace. He sent me a message on there and asked if we could meet. He came to my house that evening and we talked on my parents porch until like 2/3 in the morning.

I learned that we had a lot in common. I was born in 79 and he was born in 80. I graduated with his sister and he graduated with my brother. We had always been around each other but had never actually or officially met one another before.

He was a Virgo Sun and Scorpio Moon just like me. 

Long story short, he and I got on very well.

In a whirlwind of events, we were engaged, married and became a full-on family within 2 years.

Last Friday, we celebrated 12 years of friendship and marriage. We went back to the place we were born, raised and married. 

City County Building, Justice of the Peace, Pittsburgh PA

We stayed on Mt. Washington in a beautiful Airbnb called the

Andy and Andrew.


It was so lovely and quaint. Holly the host was exceptionally kind and generous and was also celebrating her 12th year anniversary of marriage in April as well.

It was another perfect match to the vibe we wanted to experience for our celebration together.


We flew in from Virginia Beach where it was 71 degrees to a chilly 38 degrees in Pittsburgh.

We came fully prepared for the weather we have known most of life. And you know, it just HAD to snow, to welcome us back.

(Not much, just flurries)


Because of COVID and because of the weather, we couldn’t do everything that we wanted to do like throw a party or even go to Kennywood. So we decided to chill and make the most of our time together.

We rode the incline, went down the Strip to shop, visited a pop-up art exhibit Downtown, ate very well and had personal masseuses come visit us in our Airbnb for a couples massage. (We used Zeel)


We ate so good while we were up there!!!

We also love white pizza so we ordered some from Luciano’s Restaurant in White Oak and Joe Cestone’s Pizzaria in Mt. Washington!


We made sure to spend some time with all of our parents while we were up there, as well. It was so important for us to reach back and share quality time with the ones that love us the most.

Our elders.

Because of them, we ARE!!

I’m so grateful that we got to sit with all of them.

I'm so honored to be married to the person who considers me his best friend. 

Being married is the other greatest job I have ever had. 

Looking back over all these years together with my best friend has given me a peace I didn’t know I could ever have.

We’ve been through so much and have been put up against all kinds of things and I have a friend indeed.

In this life, we all experience so much loss, hurt, pain and sorrow that we feel many regrets. I’m here to tell you that if you stick it out and go through the fire, IT WILL be worth it.

Perfection is impossible, but joy can still overflow in your life.


My prayer for all of you out there reading this…

May you be blessed to marry your best friend so that there is NO limit on how much you can share with one another!! May all of our hearts overflow with love, knowing that the one they are with loves them from infinity and beyond!!


Side note- In no way were we paid for any of this. I just had such a remarkable time that I wanted to share the good news.
I also wanted to send a special shoutout to our cousin TayVeon Bose. He did a great job cutting Knate’s hair and face. You got him looking so fresh!!! Thank you!!!

New Moon Dreams!!!

My New Moon dream is to be a profitable author!!

It’s that time once again where we all have the opportunity to dream big, set some things into motion, and get some stuff right.

April 11th is the day and Aries is the season.

Rest. Relaxation. Planning. Manifestation. 

I said... Rest. Relaxation. Planning. Manifestation.

Alina says to “Stand in your Power!!”

Alina Alive has a journal that she has made that has prompts for this April New Moon to help you work through your goals for the spring season of 2021.

In this video, she walks through her journal to help assess your limiting beliefs that may pop up during this time of the year. It also helps you see the challenges that you’ve overcome that prove that the beliefs you had are wrong and they need to be removed.

Please watch so you’ll be prepared.

I’m taking the time to do all of that. I’ve noticed that I’ve grown so much over the last couple of years. One of my old limiting beliefs was that no one cared. Looking back now, I see I was completely wrong. Some of it was that I hid myself and so no one knew what was going on.

Other times, I had my own thoughts on who should care. And when those people didn’t, I blocked the blessings from others.


I’d officially like to announce on here that

I want to be a genuinely helpful and profitable author.

I want to create beautiful journals, calendars, notebooks, stationary and more. I’ll be taking this time to plan for my future.

What will you be planning for this New Moon?

Finding Peace through Miracles

I’ve honestly been trying to follow and listen to what Spirit has been asking me to do.

I try to take the time every day to pull out my cards and talk to Mother and Father God. I ask to see if I’m on the right track. I ask to see further into situations that seem so beyond me. I ask to see what I can do to make my situation better. I pray and ask others to pray for and with me. I’m going thru it just like everyone else.



Going through this upheaval has, in a lot of ways, grounded me and fortified my strength in the relationship I have with Spirit. It’s like every day I realize or recognize something spirit whispered for me to do or say and because of it my life was sometimes saved, benefitted or enriched because I just listened. My dreams are poetic as they reflect what’s going on with me  internally. 

Actually it’s amazing.

It’s like I see little miracles happening daily. For instance, this week is the full moon and the releasing has begun!!

New doors and new floors. Our house has new shoes and soon to be new eyes!!



I had to release the old way I saw this house. Over the last few weeks I had to literally let it go (and live in a hotels and airbnb’s) so that it could go through the transformation it needed to have to survive.

Whoever initially or over the years put in the plumbing did an awful job. We’ve had problems for years, but as of today all of that was fixed. Hallelujah!! We’ve also had many other household issues that we put bandaids on that are now being surgically removed and new and better are being put in its place. 


I’ve been studying about more into feng shui. I’m a huge proponent of it. I actually think I’ve graduated from btb feng shui to learning the classical approach. Here’s info I learned about the btb feng shui system. Here at Audierose Education

But now that our house is being renovated, it’s as though I can see the house so much clearer. I actually walked through the house with my compass to really map out who our house is.


I learned that we have a west facing house. West facing houses are great for creativity and children… Duh!!! Lol. When I read about what our house meant, I just laughed and laughed. Of course it was!!! I’ve had so many children activity programs in my house.

Here’s one…


I truly love the kids. I also loved raising my children here. It was the best job I EVER had. It brings my heart such joy learning that this is what this house was built for. It was built for creatives and children.  

The way I set our house up before using feng shui was actually hurting us. Btb is actually such a generic way to enhance your home. The concept is awesome and the application is fun but it wasn’t doing what it was supposed to be doing. Understanding what I know now will allow me to really make this place magical.

And that’s just one of the million miracles I see every day. So to my homies out there, keep your head up and be encouraged. Search for all the miracles the Universe has for you and maybe if you’re brave enough, you can accept them as they come. 

As Pisces Season Winds Down

All These New Beginnings

I realize i did a lot of complaining in my last post. I’m kinda embarrassed about that. 

To be honest, I truly was trying to make it upbeat, but I also wanted to delve into the reality of my situation. 

Today is a good day.

The sun is about to rise on our situation and all will be well.

I feel it! 

Anywho…. It’s the day after the luxurious Pisces New Moon and I can feel the peace that was missing from my life for the past 2 months. New Beginnings are around the corner with the Spring Equinox in a couple of days.

Spring is here and I’m sooooo ready for it.

I hope you were able to write out 






you wanted to manifest for yourself for the New Moon a couple days ago. I ended up making two lists. Looking forward to drawing them out. 

Wishing you all the love and peace you can stand today and forever! 


New Moon in Pisces

New Beginnings Indeed!!!

Our livingroom...

The fact that I’m taking the time to write this at all is proof that

I’m serious about these new beginnings and the Universe is TOO!!

Who knew I was going to watch my home transform right before my eyes.

I thought I was decluttering and getting my house ready to sell.

The Universe and my house obviously had other plans.


So much to deal with!!

Our kitchen...

We went through something similar in 2015, when our sewer line burst in our owners suite bathroom and then again in 2017 when our downstairs bathroom exploded with sewage again. We were so NOT ready for our sewer line to finally collapse underneath our home 3 weeks ago!

Our insurance company or home warranty company weren’t ready either and so none of this is covered.


I wish these pictures were in the wrong order, but they're not!!

This is right through the middle of our lovely home!!

I guess after years of having millions of plumbers running through our house and them having to plow through our pipes, the pipes just gave up and said enough! 

This is the third week out of our home and I finally took the time to assess everything I’ve been through.

I’ve cried many times over the last couple weeks because for awhile things looked very bleak. We didn’t know who to call or how to get through this without the help of the companies we pay millions to, but who refuse to help.

I’m so grateful for family, friends and intuition.


So obviously we’re taking care of the sewer line issue. They’re laying new pipe as we speak.

Next week is cleaning and new flooring.


I’ll let you know how it goes!

But the reason you're here..

New Moon Intentions for Pisces

It’s that time, again, to make your dreams come true.

So get creative and dream big!!


I know I wrote it out, so now I guess I need to go and get some markers and poster board since all my stuff is in storage and draw my future!!!!

I got this from where they go into depth about how great this moon is. 

I would have to agree.