Dear Audie

Don’t you need to hold my hand?

Don’t I have to be present when you read my cards? Don’t you need to hold my hand?

Gratefully no, Sis. That’s not how my abilities work.

With your permission, of course, I’m able to take a quick snapshot of some of the key things happening in your life through tarot cards or clairvoyance. My goal is to see the best of you and help to guide you through a rough patch.

In regular people terms, I cut through the emotion and get to the bottom of a situation and hopefully help you see your situation clearer. 

Setting Intentions

My 12/21/2020 Intentions for the new year

First, I write it out!

Then I draw it out!

Winter Solstice

What should we do about the Winter Solstice this year?

4 things to do for the Winter Solstice

  1. Set your intentions for the upcoming next year!!

Write and draw out 10 things you want to accomplish for the next year. Whether that’s getting your credit together or your health or even your love life, everything goes. And make sure that you’re being positive and affirming in the writing of your intentions.

2. Clean your house!!!

Start from your favorite spot in your house and expand yourself outward. Even try the Marie Kondo way of thanking and releasing things that no longer serve you. I promise that if you take the time to listen to your heart, you’ll know what to keep and what to throw away. You’re now making room for the new that’s to come in your life.

3. Burn, baby burn!!!

On a separate piece of paper, write out all the stuff that you don’t want in your life anymore and BURN IT!!!! Burn it to a crisp and let it GO!!! We’re beginning a new year ( a whole new world really) and we can’t bring that stuff into the new year.

The Winter Solstice is being hosted by

in 2020!

4. Prepare for a dramatic change!

According to most astrologers, this specific conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn happened over 800 years ago.

(a conjunction is when planets are within 2 degrees of each other)

To be honest, I’m not sure how to prepare, but please be ready for a completely new way to handle things. This is happening for the first time in 200 years in an air sign. We’ve been used to the changes happening economically or even physically every 20 years because they’ve been happening in earth signs. This time it will be happening in Aquarius. This will probably have a huge effect on our intellect and will probably have a massive effect on how we use the internet.

What a time to be alive!!

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Past Lives

Do you read past lives or could you refer me to another?

I’d love to refer you to Cue Reaves. He does past life regressions and I’ve heard some great things about him and his work. 


Here’s his website

Hello world!

Welcome to my world! Here’s  some of the questions I’ve been asked over the years.