Don’t you need to hold my hand?

Don't I have to be present when you read my cards? Don't you need to hold my hand?

Gratefully no, Sis. That’s not how my abilities work.

With your permission, of course, I’m able to take a quick snapshot of some of the key things happening in your life through tarot cards or clairvoyance. My goal is to see the best of you and help to guide you through a rough patch.

In regular people terms, I cut through the emotion and get to the bottom of a situation and hopefully help you see your situation clearer. 

About Author


Autumn is an empathic, intuitive, spiritual life coach and is here to offer some sound spiritual guidance and wisdom to walk you through your rough times.


I am a natural counselor. I listen and I care. I read cards with kindness and honesty. I speak with purpose and clarity. To get a reading or contact me, please go to the links below.

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