Finding Peace through Miracles

I’ve honestly been trying to follow and listen to what Spirit has been asking me to do.

I try to take the time every day to pull out my cards and talk to Mother and Father God. I ask to see if I’m on the right track. I ask to see further into situations that seem so beyond me. I ask to see what I can do to make my situation better. I pray and ask others to pray for and with me. I’m going thru it just like everyone else.



Going through this upheaval has, in a lot of ways, grounded me and fortified my strength in the relationship I have with Spirit. It’s like every day I realize or recognize something spirit whispered for me to do or say and because of it my life was sometimes saved, benefitted or enriched because I just listened. My dreams are poetic as they reflect what’s going on with me  internally. 

Actually it’s amazing.

It’s like I see little miracles happening daily. For instance, this week is the full moon and the releasing has begun!!

New doors and new floors. Our house has new shoes and soon to be new eyes!!



I had to release the old way I saw this house. Over the last few weeks I had to literally let it go (and live in a hotels and airbnb’s) so that it could go through the transformation it needed to have to survive.

Whoever initially or over the years put in the plumbing did an awful job. We’ve had problems for years, but as of today all of that was fixed. Hallelujah!! We’ve also had many other household issues that we put bandaids on that are now being surgically removed and new and better are being put in its place. 


I’ve been studying about more into feng shui. I’m a huge proponent of it. I actually think I’ve graduated from btb feng shui to learning the classical approach. Here’s info I learned about the btb feng shui system. Here at Audierose Education

But now that our house is being renovated, it’s as though I can see the house so much clearer. I actually walked through the house with my compass to really map out who our house is.


I learned that we have a west facing house. West facing houses are great for creativity and children… Duh!!! Lol. When I read about what our house meant, I just laughed and laughed. Of course it was!!! I’ve had so many children activity programs in my house.

Here’s one…


I truly love the kids. I also loved raising my children here. It was the best job I EVER had. It brings my heart such joy learning that this is what this house was built for. It was built for creatives and children.  

The way I set our house up before using feng shui was actually hurting us. Btb is actually such a generic way to enhance your home. The concept is awesome and the application is fun but it wasn’t doing what it was supposed to be doing. Understanding what I know now will allow me to really make this place magical.

And that’s just one of the million miracles I see every day. So to my homies out there, keep your head up and be encouraged. Search for all the miracles the Universe has for you and maybe if you’re brave enough, you can accept them as they come. 

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Autumn is an empathic, intuitive, spiritual life coach and is here to offer some sound spiritual guidance and wisdom to walk you through your rough times.


I am a natural counselor. I listen and I care. I read cards with kindness and honesty. I speak with purpose and clarity. To get a reading or contact me, please go to the links below.

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