Let’s Talk About Sex



Yea, I said it.


How does that make you feel?


Does the thought of sex turn you on? Does it make you feel ashamed?

Does it hurt? Does it cause you to cringe??


If you read last weeks blog, you would have read about the soybean and it’s effect on us because of its steriod and sexual properties.

I feel that the things that we are ingesting physically, emotionally, socially and mentally are effecting our spiritual lives in such a way that we need to pull back and take a look at the bigger picture.

A lot of us have gotten our sexual knowledge from tel-lie-vision, porn, church and friends. Most of us are taught that sex is supposed to be “fun” and exciting. Most men feel that sex is something that they “deserve”, while women feel it is something that’s “required”.

Men are taught to dominate and on some level destroy.

They are taught to listen for breaths and squeals to determine the quality of their “work.”

Women are taught to become passive-vixens.

We are taught to showcase our bodies, while keeping quiet about what we really need.


I know a lot of us were taught that sex was something to be done between husbands and wives. It was something to show honor to and for. It was deemed sacred because if its biological ramifications. According to the bible, men are supposed to choose a wife and on their wedding night, they are to consumate the marriage in sex. Unfortunately, that’s where it ended.

The bible and church gave no insight as to what was supposed to happen after that.

What did having sex mean?

Were women supposed to just lay there? Were men supposed to receive all the enjoyment? Was it a mutually profitable union?

So then we turned to the tv and our friends and became even more confused because according to them, it’s supposed to be this free-for-all that could be equated to being at an amusement park.

Now don’t get me wrong… sex is supposed to be enjoyable. It’s actually supposed to be FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!! But it can’t be if you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons and the wrong way.

It’s true that everyone you’ve ever slept with has sex with everyone you ever sleep with. Sex is such a spiritual encounter that that has to be true. We are energy and in sex, we are exchanging energy. Who I am becomes who you are.

That’s why, on a spiritual level, once you lay with someone, they leave their mark on you.

It’s not supposed to be brutal. That’s about power.

It’s not supposed to be independent. That’s about being passive.

We all have a feminine and masculine side. We are supposed to honor ourselves by allowing our true selves to shine through and be vulnerable with one another.

Wasting your seed or you body with someone you don’t care about only leads to blockages, pain and addictions.

Having sex to get a man will only leave you open for pain.

Having sex to prove your manhood only causes insanity.

When you’re with your partner, it should be about manifesting something great in your life. Yes, children come from this union, but so do ideas, creations, decisions and even money.

Take a look at your sex life. What are you manifesting? Has sex become a chore because you’re no longer getting anything from it? Is it something you do just to pass the time?