New Moon Dreams!!!

My New Moon dream is to be a profitable author!!

It’s that time once again where we all have the opportunity to dream big, set some things into motion, and get some stuff right.

April 11th is the day and Aries is the season.

Rest. Relaxation. Planning. Manifestation. 

I said... Rest. Relaxation. Planning. Manifestation.

Alina says to “Stand in your Power!!”

Alina Alive has a journal that she has made that has prompts for this April New Moon to help you work through your goals for the spring season of 2021.

In this video, she walks through her journal to help assess your limiting beliefs that may pop up during this time of the year. It also helps you see the challenges that you’ve overcome that prove that the beliefs you had are wrong and they need to be removed.

Please watch so you’ll be prepared.

I’m taking the time to do all of that. I’ve noticed that I’ve grown so much over the last couple of years. One of my old limiting beliefs was that no one cared. Looking back now, I see I was completely wrong. Some of it was that I hid myself and so no one knew what was going on.

Other times, I had my own thoughts on who should care. And when those people didn’t, I blocked the blessings from others.


I’d officially like to announce on here that

I want to be a genuinely helpful and profitable author.

I want to create beautiful journals, calendars, notebooks, stationary and more. I’ll be taking this time to plan for my future.

What will you be planning for this New Moon?

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