Destined for Greatness Package


Knowing what you’re destined to do is a vital part of your growth, so I’d like to sit with you and your energy and figure out where you might be out of alignment.

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I’d like to break the sessions into 3 parts/3 videos…


I’ll answer the following questions and concerns…

What's going on with you right now?

The first video will be a 15 – 25  minute video of what I see that’s going on with you using tarot cards.

What's your astrological profile telling you to do?

For the second video, I will need your birthdate/time and what city you were born. I will assess your astrological chart and let you know where I think you’ll prosper and maybe give you new insight into your personality.

And lastly…

What are you destined to be doing for your success?

In the third and final video you’ll receive a 7 card tarot reading answering what your divine path is for this time in your life.


Please be sure to fill out the Destiny questionnaire you’ll receive after your purchase. The videos will be in the inbox you provide within 5 – 7 business days. 


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