Small Tarot Party


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Party of 5

Here's the deal...

Got some friends who are interested in getting a tarot reading?? Book a Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Google Meet party with me online!!


Once you purchase the reading, I’ll email you the times available.

You can book a party out to 3 months.

I’ll put a significant amount of time in the preparation of your reading. I’ll surround myself cool decorations, crystals and tarot cards to be a clear channel for the messages to come through. I’m looking forward to working with you <3


Have a larger group?

Legal Disclaimer:

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this reading.
All Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only.
Information provided by the reader is not to be substituted for professional, legal and or medical advice.
No Guarantees are offered and all sales are final.


Be on the look out for my initial email within 24 hours to the email that you provide.

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Type of Reading

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