Tarot 101

Tarot 101

It seems as though most people are afraid of tarot. It’s like they’re in a live horror movie and the thought makes them run away.

I blame movies and I blame religion for this reaction.

In my eyes tarot is a simple, effective and sometimes beautiful way to talk to yourself and to your higher power. There’s no middle man. There’s no waiting for an answer. There’s no evil spirit jumping in my body.

It’s just me and the cards in my hands and my intuition. It’s there that I meet my inner self. It’s there that I hear my ancestors. It’s there that I speak with mother and father god.


Right in that space.


Because the cards usually have words or numbers and pictures or symbols and it’s just like reading a book. It’s just like reading a book because books are made up of sentences.

Each card represents an answer.

Each answer can make sentences.

For example, I say… what’s going on with my car? And I decided I want to use 3 cards to get my understanding.

My three cards now represent what happened


1. in the past with the car,

2. what’s going on with my car now, and

3. what will happen with my car in the future.


1. 2. 3.


So say it’s the 4 of cups, 2 of pentacles and the wheel of fortune card that are pulled out.

So following the formula and answering the first card question


1. I’ll realize that yes, in the past I kinda let my car sit for awhile.

I didn’t use it as often as I could’ve. I was bored with it.

2. The 2nd card is also making the answer clear with the knowledge that the 2 of pentacles is about finding balance and it pings in my mind that since the weather change, it’s true that I need to get the tire pressure checked because when I last was in the car it said that the air was low.

It needs to be balanced.

3. With the wheel of fortune being my last card, two things come to mind;

1, I might luck up and get a new one or more logically, 2, that I better get the air in my car soon because it may cause misfortune by popping or causing an accident. 


The cards have me in a conversation with myself about my car.

I’m seeing the car in a different light.

It’s a direct reflection of what’s happening right now. There’s nothing scary about it. There’s nothing ominous. It’s just a mundane reality check for myself and my car. 

Let’s do another example.

I want to know how I should move forward with my daughter since our last conversation.

I’ll choose 5 cards this time.

Each card will represent different questions to consider to answer my main question of how to move forward with my daughter.


1. Where did we leave off?

2. What don’t I know?

3. What do I know?

4. How should I proceed?

5. What will be the probable outcome?


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


This time I pull the 3 of pentacles, 8 of wands, 6 of pentacles, Queen of cups and the Ace of pentacles.

And again my mind acknowledges that


1. Yes, the last time we talked we discussed how proud we were of each other and how grateful we were for the help we were able to offer each other.

2. What I don’t know about the situation is that because of my daughter, I was able to knock out a big project that I needed to finish.

3. What I do know is that it was super kind of her to help me out. Her generosity shined through.

4. It’s suggesting that I should treat her to something nice or just be really sweet to her for a while because she would appreciate the sweetness.

5. The outcome looks bright because it explains that if I follow the advice of what my intuition thinks is best, me and my daughter can work together again and possibly make money.

I just love the clarity of this way of communicating with myself and my higher power.Y

LET'S Learn how to put your spreads together...

3 Card

Spreads in Action


Card 1 ☆ Card 2 ☆ Card 3

Past ☆ Present ☆ Future

Person A ☆Relationship☆Person B

Issue ☆ Advice ☆ Outcome

Body ☆ Mind ☆ Spirit

Short Term☆Situation☆Long Term

Self ☆ Family ☆ Partner

1 Month ☆ 2 Months ☆ 3 Months

Learn ☆ Do ☆ Forget


4 Card Spread

in Action









5 Card Spreads

in Action

CARD 1: What power do you provide


CARD 2: What strength does your partner provide


CARD 3: The reason you are together


CARD 4: Power up/ Wild card


CARD 5: Why you 2 make sense

CARD 1: The issue at hand

CARD 2: What you’re not recognizing


CARD 3: What you’re comfortable with


CARD 4: What you can do to repair issue


CARD 5: Final diagnoses




10 Card Spreads

in Action



CARD 1: Where you are right now

CARD 2: What helps/hinders you

CARD 3: Subconscious views

CARD 4: Past

CARD 5: Goals and ideals

CARD 6: Future

CARD 7: Your approach

CARD 8: Environment

CARD 9: Hopes and fears

CARD 10: Final outcome